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The Greyhound Program

ABC's of ASU Mid-South Basketball



If student-athletes don't graduate, their options are limited both in basketball and in life. Therefore, we take a detailed approach to academic success by establishing an individual degree plan and class schedule from the day our student-athletes arrive on campus, tracking academic progress through mandatory study hall, and getting help when needed with free individualized tutoring in every class.


Just as college is not for everyone, our basketball program is not for everyone either. Our program is for serious student-athletes; only those who are committed to working both on and off the court. Our goal is to turn high school players into marketable collegiate student-athletes who will play at the next level. If a person is not 100% committed to this goal, this program may not be for them.


We feel it is important for our student-athletes to be involved in the community and provide opportunities to participate in service projects that benefit others. This serves the purpose of both helping others as a productive member of a community as well as giving our student-athletes a sense of gratitude, humility and worth as a person. Service projects have included serving meals to families at the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, working a fundraiser at an elementary school, and hosting a local cub scout troop in a "Greyhound for a Day" practice and game.